Reshaping Dentistry: AI Assisted Cavity Detection

Web Sharp has been providing dental offices with electronic health records, online patient scheduling, and digital marketing tools since 2007. We're excited to be opening our Portland office in May 2021. As part of our grand opening, we will continue to offer quality services for engaging patients online, as well as phone, internet, SMS, email and voice services for dentist offices in the state of Oregon.

For existing customer, we will begin offering state-of-the-art software built with artificial intelligence, capable of detecting cavities in digital X-Ray images. We hope to build on the success of a 6-year trial conducted across 8 practices in Central and Southern Florida, bringing a new and promising technology to dentistry in Oregon

Dentists participating in the trial have reported an overall improvement in same-day treatment for new patients. New patients who received X-Ray exams reported lower levels of anxiety and felt reassured seeking treatment after high-tech medical imaging software also detected a cavity in the same tooth as diagnosed by their Dentist.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare IT is new a frontier. We hope the technology can one day be used to assist in diagnosis and prevent cases from falling through the cracks—improving patients’ outcome, experience and overall health after visiting their Oregon dentist.